My name is Gezell Custodio (he/him) and I am a Filipino-American graphic designer, artist, and professional dancer. My name (pronounced jih-ZELL) is a combination of my parents' names. The "GE" comes from my mom's name and the "ZELL" comes from my dad. This type of meaningful mixing and duality is a motif that makes it's way through all aspects of my life.
Storytelling where least expected.
As designers, we're constantly told to create visual communication that the user can understand with the least amount of brain power. I like to challenge this idea by creating designs that effectively communicate its purpose while rewarding the user for taking time to explore the "story." The reward is discovery: 
Discovering a story unfold. Discovering a connection. Discovering a surprise.
I love showing people my work in person and seeing the satisfaction and joy they experience when making one of these discoveries. I put visual stories in things like my business cards and resume because they're unexpected mediums for storytelling. Ultimately, I want to inspire people to be curious about the world around them, and to not overlook the things they think are not worth exploring.
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