We were tasked to create a cover for a book about a famous couple. The imagery on the cover had to abstractly represent their relationship while working with a limited color palette. I chose to represent Tom and Jerry, who are cartoon characters created by Hanna-Barberra in 1940. ​​​​​​​
To start, we created a list of adjectives that described each character and their relationship to each other. From here, we sketched objects and imagery that could symbolize the adjectives.

The spinning top dances around the boiling kettle as steam and water fill the plane. As a whole, this imagery mirrors the outrageous and chaotic high-jinks that Tom and Jerry get into.      

Tom is represented by a boiling kettle because he is hot blooded, impulsive, and klutzy. Jerry is elusive, childlike, and cunning, so he is symbolized by the toy top. 
My goal was to create a cover that was simple yet eye catching, while representing the show in a way that was not literal.

"Ohno Blazeface" was chosen because it's vintage style matches the time period of Tom and Jerry.

One of my inital concepts, repurposed as a background image for the back of the book. Lemons and sugar are opposites. One is sour and the other is sweet, but they can combine to make a classic and delicious.

final application

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